Film production

We create promotional videos, advertising spots, instructional and educational materials, we record lectures and motivational speeches. In addition to recording, editing and animation, we also have streaming facilities.

Online broadcasting of events in the highest quality is gaining more and more popularity. It also increases the number of recipients of the event many times over - current and potential customers

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Why is it worth it?

The video has become the carrier of all kinds of content - entertainment, promotional, documentation, informational and educational. Video is everywhere. And yet, film production still fascinates us, because it evokes a lot of positive emotions. Moving images for video marketing places very high demands on the creator, but that's why we love doing it.

Movies have always been the most interactive and engaging form of conveying content. The revolution in their availability and quality has changed the way of reaching the recipient. In video content, there should always be an interesting story in the foreground, not a board with a price list. The first seconds are crucial - it is necessary to fight for the interest and retention of the viewer.

In order for the investment in the film to pay off, it must reach the right audience - it is worth combining the sharing of the material with a well-thought-out online campaign, positioning, etc. direct translation into sales results, the message for the potential recipient must be included in the material and encourage specific action.a. 

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Good to know

Learn the secrets of directing an advertising film! What is a storyboard? How is a treatment written and made up a shot list? What is a PPM meeting?

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