Luxury on rails

Order a personalized Polish-English album today, as a unique gift for customers, contractors, employees and important guests. We present to you a publication showing the most beautiful and interesting railway routes in the world.

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  • It took us 2 years to work on the book
  • We visited four continents
  • We traveled on luxurious trains
  • In the album we present 200 out of several thousand photos
  • We write about exceptional routes briefly but with passion
  • We have prepared the publication in the Polish-English language version
  • We made the decision that the book would never be found in any bookstore and would not be available for retail sale
  • The reader will only be able to receive the book as a gift from one of our business partners who will order a personalized edition
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100 copies

Minimum circulation


Language version

from 75 PLN

Price of one copy

22x22 cm


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As the only publishing house in Poland, we offer the possibility of personalizing books

  • We provide any modification of the covers and the first pages of the album
  • We enable the exchange of the main photo with another from our collections or your photo
  • On the first side of the cover, we will place your logotype and the name of the company
  • On request, we will change the title of the album - adequately to the needs
  • On the fourth cover page, we will present your company and provide contact details
  • The album will begin with your introductory words and a photo of the speaker
  • After the foreword, we are ready to provide you with another 11 pages of the book

The book as an advertising gift


The book never goes out of style and is timeless. The impact of a promotional message published in our books is long, because the reader returns to reading it many times. Moreover, in our culture, books are not thrown away!


In the era of peculiar gadgets and exotic souvenirs, the book becomes a prestigious gift. It presents the donor as a man of the intellect who creates original solutions. It builds a positive image and shows professionalism.


A box of chocolates is packed with calories and disappears in no time. A bottle of vodka is hard to throw into the costs. Mugs, T-shirts and advertising pens are often in the recipient's drawers. The book, on the other hand, is a universal gift, it does not arouse controversy, and can be presented to anyone, at any occasion.

Positive associations

By giving someone a personalized book, we build a belief in their uniqueness and importance. It enhances the feeling of distinction and contributes to the well-being of the recipient. The result will be positive associations with the donor and the company or institution associated with the recipient.

A good way to impress

A personalized publication is the perfect complement to many celebrations, anniversaries, congresses, fairs and meetings. The album is a great gift for distinguished employees, important clients and contractors, scientists, decision makers, managers, officials, politicians, journalists, local government officials and business people.

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Order today an amazing album that cannot be bought in any bookstore!
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Full service:

  • we will edit the text of the information about your company by ourselves
  • on your behalf we will write an introduction to the album
  • we will translate the content into any foreign language of your choice
  • we will prepare the presentation graphically and technically
  • if necessary, our photographer will visit you and take the necessary photos
  • we will deliver the finished copies to the address indicated

Why is it worth it?

  • a unique book that has never been seen before
  • amazing photos and thrilling texts
  • the possibility of wide personalization
  • Polish-English language version
  • comprehensive editorial service
  • an unusual souvenir that others can dream of
  • possibility of wide dissemination
  • many years of promotional impact

Downloadable files

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Director of Development
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Project coordinator
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Piotr Woźniak
Marketing director
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Jerzy Tomaszewski
Management consultant
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