We create unique industry internet platforms that connect the environments of: business, media, science and public institutions. The idea of our digital services revolutionizes the way information is managed.

We also offer the creation of e-PressKit, i.e. Online Press Offices, which are a place for storing and sharing standardized information for the media. In addition, we comprehensively implement corporate websites.

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What should a modern website be like?

Aesthetics, minimalist style, carefully selected typography and good photos are important. Navigation should be as simple as possible. The website must display correctly on mobile devices. The most important, however, is the content: texts, photos, videos. They fulfill an informative, promotional and sales function. They should be clear and comprehensive. It is surprising how often visiting the website of a given company it is impossible to find out what it does. It is full of generalities, clichés and corporate gibberish. There are a lot of companies offering website development on the market. However, we will take care of its attractive design, and most importantly, we will create valuable content. We look forward to working with you!

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We create unique internet solutions

We create innovative websites for individual sectors of the economy.

Our platforms aggregate distributed specialist knowledge into one source. Moreover, they create a bridge integrating various interest groups: commercial enterprises, research institutes and scientific communities, opinion leaders, as well as offices and public institutions. By using the potential of digital technologies, they facilitate the achievement of development goals. They also allow for the creation of a professional image of a given industry and its entities on the Internet.

We offer the implementation of both simple landing page business cards and extensive corporate websites.

The technical solutions we use offer high reliability, flexibility and the possibility of independent editing, so that the content of the website is always up-to-date. As the only company on the market, we not only offer strictly IT solutions, but also provide full content creation on your website, including texts, photos and videos. In a word, we will not only create your new website, but also fill it with content!

Online Press Office

We offer the integration of your website with our digital platform dedicated to public relations. Thus, especially for you, we will create a professional Online Press Office. The website enables efficient content management and digitization of communication with the media. Thanks to e-PressKit, journalists gain access to unified, most interesting and up-to-date information about your company in one place. The Online Press Office contains structured data: logotype, success story, board biographies, articles, photos and promotional videos.

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Internet Press Office - why is it worth it?

Lowering the cost of promotion - free mentions and articles in the media instead of paid advertising.

With a little effort, the media will write about your activities themselves. However, they must have access to the necessary information, ready-made articles, professional photos, videos etc. We know from experience that journalists would be happy to mention your company in their materials in the context of a specific topic, however, fearing that they will encounter problems with obtaining photos or short information about the company, they get discouraged and "give up". Professional preparation for contacts with the media is appreciated by journalists as it makes their lives easier and simplifies activities - it will result in more frequent publications, especially if the press service is updated.

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Internet Press Office - why is it worth it?

Nobody wants to absorb classic ads anymore, and still you have to stay in touch with the market.

A company that is successful in today's extremely competitive world without marketing support is a phenomenon. However, advertising is losing its branding power and reputation. Due to the fact that there are so many ads everywhere, classic campaigns are no longer paid attention to. Hence some companies, and even entire industries, give up advertising in favor of more effective PR. They prefer to mention their product in an opinion-forming medium, rather than a classic advertisement.

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Internet Press Office - why is it worth it?

Increasing the effectiveness of promotional communication and easier reach of a specific, selected target group with information.

The power of a press (internet) article, or even a small mention, is incomparably greater than that of an advertising message. This is due to our trust in impartiality and journalistic integrity as well as our distrust of advertising. But modern editorial offices are reduced to the necessary minimum. That is why busy journalists reach for ready-made, professional press materials. Whoever has them and shares them - wins.

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Internet Press Office - why is it worth it?

Save time and minimize the involvement of your own employees.

The website will be useful when composing any advertisements, advertising inserts, internet presentations or developing company folders. It is enough to instruct the photo editor to download the relevant data, logotype or photos directly from your press service. It simplifies everyone's life. You can have the website updated and make sure that everything goes according to plan, and you can focus on the mainstream of your business.

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